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What could be better than a beautiful ballroom wedding with tropical flair?! The Mayo Hotel ballroom is always an elegant Oklahoma wedding venue – add some palm leaves and tropical florals from Ever Something and it becomes paradise! Cheers to Jennifer and Mark and thanks to Josh McCullock for capturing their whimsical celebration!

Photos // Josh McCullock Photography

Jennifer and Mark quickly bonded over their love for competitive sports. They met at work and started playing on the corporate soccer team together. After spending countless hours together on the field, Mark wanted to take things to a more romantic setting and asked Jennifer on a date. It took her a while to say yes, but Jennifer was glad that she agreed to dinner.

Jennifer was totally surprised when Mark proposed after she had just run a 5K. That night, they celebrated their engagement with her family in Tulsa. They kept a family tradition alive by getting married at Grace Lutheran Church – the same church where Jennifer’s parents became husband and wife.

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