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High School Sweethearts

Austin and I met in our Spanish class freshmen year of high school. He awkwardly asked me to the winter dance over text and the rest was history. Austin quickly became my best friend and my life was forever changed (cheesy, I know but serious!) Now onto the engagement-earlier in the day Austin and I went to lunch together and he seemed ecstatic. I definitely knew something was up (he is the worst at secrets!) As we were leaving the parking lot, we backed into each other. I guess the excitement of everything left us both frazzled and our cars damaged (oops). Anyways, I had rehearsal all evening and was told to call him as soon as I was leaving. He told me to meet at the chapel where we always prayed together/talked out our feelings. When I got there, he was the only one there sitting in the front. All I could think was “okay hurry up and do it” Finally after lots of sweet words, he got down on one knee and asked! My best friend would now be my husband! Unreal. Afterwards, we went to Braums and had ice cream. One of the most average engagement stories, but to me the sweetest since it was just us. Nothing extravagant, which allowed every moment to be so genuine. He has always said that from the day he saw me at the lockers in high school, he prayed he would get to marry me. So cheesy but so thankful for him.