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Deployed at the worst time

Our union is more than just the joining of two hearts, but the joining of three. It all started with a blind arrangement put together by the groom’s uncle. Before meeting face to face, we weren’t really interested in each other but as time went on, we decided to meet for our first date. Our first date was on December 21, 2015, when he came home from military tech school, and within two minutes of getting in the car with him for the first time, I yelled at him for making me wait outside in the rain. Oddly enough, we spent everyday together and have been inseparable ever since. Fast forward to October 2016 – we welcomed our son, Amias into our world. This should’ve been a time where we celebrated for weeks but unfortunately Adrian was scheduled for his first deployment only two weeks after his birth. The time was cut even shorter, because Amias spent the first week in ICU at Integris Baptist Medical Center. It was hard for the entire family, but especially as new young parents. Despite the obstacles of long distance and finishing my Master’s program at the University of Oklahoma, we made it through stronger than ever. We purchased our first home when he returned and got engaged the following year. After 10 months of planning, on March 27th at Coles Garden, we will take our final steps to becoming one with each other and it will be the greatest accomplishment yet.