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We love this time of year and know from personal experience that it’s a popular time for wedding showers! We thought we’d share some gorgeous looks from Liberté that are perfect for a spring shower along with some fab registry items from local boutiques to gift to the lucky bride-to-be! Happy Spring Showers!

Find these looks and gifts locally at:

Fashion – Liberté

1 – B.C. Clark Jewelers

2 – Bebe’s & B.C. Clark Jewelers

3 – Paper ‘N More & Tulips

4 – Culinary Kitchen

5 – No Regrets

6 – Plenty Mercantile

7 – Bebe’s & Tulips

8 – B.C. Clark Jewelers, Bebe’s, Plenty Mercantile & Tulips

9 – Bebe’s


Other Local Vendors:
Culinary Kitchen, LIBERTÉ, Tulips