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How to Budget for your Honeymoon Without Breaking the Bank – Tips from Honeyfund

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After having a mind-blowing wedding, what else rather than a once-a-lifetime honeymoon? With the honeymoon inevitable but money scarce, proper planning is mandatory. Planning for your honeymoon can be tricky given the enormous expenses that come with the wedding occasion. All in all, you need to have your dream honeymoon, and nothing should compromise that. You don’t need to have Wall Street financial skills to achieve this. Below the team at Honeyfund, the honeymoon registry, is sharing how to budget for your honeymoon without breaking the bank.

honeyfund budget honeymoon

1. Set Up a Realistic Budget

How much do you anticipate to spend during your honeymoon vacation? Before anything else, you have to come up with an exclusive financial plan. It is this plan that directs you on how much to spend for what purpose. Don’t just rush onto that plane to get to your dream destination. Take time to research on prices and all costs that you are about to incur. If it doesn’t fit your budget, look for other options. There is no point of getting stranded or getting broke immediately after your vacation.

2. Shop for the Best Deals Cautiously

Is there a better plan for your honeymoon than bargaining for a deal? Comparison shopping enables you to save money for your honeymoon. The cheaper the deal, the better for you provided there isn’t any compromise. All-inclusive package deals are the best when planning for your honeymoon. Look for deals that include flights, hotels and other miscellaneous. Keep an eye on flash sales, discounts and promotions. Your primary target when shopping for deals should be cutting down the cost. Aim to get what is best and affordable to avoid overspending. 

3. Book Early

Another perfect way of cutting down your budget is booking early. Whether it’s the flight or hotel room, book early in advance. You can spend less with your loved one by booking when there isn’t a flux of activities. The price of these amenities depends on the number of bookings. As the demand gets higher, so does the price. Many weddings happen during the summer and spring seasons. Booking early enough during the winter or fall will get you better deals. Booking at the last minute is very costly, and you might end up paying more than usual. 

4. Travel During the Off-season

Do you have a specific destination in mind? Traveling during the offseason makes it cheaper, and you won’t have to cough out all your savings. Know the distinct off-seasons for your destinations. A good example is a mid-April to December for the Caribbean. During this season, it’s usually very cheap with low hotel rates and food prices. 

5. Set Your Priorities

What do you want for your honeymoon? What do you want to do during your holiday? What has been your dream honeymoon destination? All these are essential things to put into consideration. Choose what excites or that which will create the most fantastic experience of your life. This saves you from buying what you don’t need, thus enabling you to settle for cheaper options.

tropical honeymoon

6. Hire a Travel Agent

Travel agencies are there to cater for your travel and accommodation needs. The best way to have stress-free planning is to work with a travel agent who knows everything. The majority of travel agents are knowledgeable and can help you get what’s best for you. It’s the work of the agent to bargain for deals and organize travels and bookings. With years of event planning experience, travel agents will surely get you a cheaper and more organized holiday.

7. Get a Honeymoon Savings Account

Saving for a big occasion is the best way to create a bigger and better budget. Instead of waiting to spend what you have, you can start saving slowly to achieve a set target. You can come up with an estimated budget and begin saving. Saving is better and more manageable than spending one-off. With a savings account dedicated to a particular objective, it’s easier to raise money. When saving, look for the best interest rates that will you something substantial at the end. In this way, you won’t feel any pain when spending what you had saved. 

8. Cut Your Honeymoon Short

Why not plan for a short honeymoon to avoid overspending? Instead of taking a month for your honeymoon, you can strategize on a somewhat shorter one. Something between three days to a week is rather short and more manageable. You can do a short honeymoon vacation to avoid depleting your accounts. Spending fewer nights out there means you pay less than when on a full holiday.

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The Bottom Line

With this article in mind, you know how to budget for your honeymoon without breaking the bank. It is a crucial yet straightforward process that enables you to do things smoothly. If you want to have an extraordinary honeymoon, put in place these simple tips.

Thanks to Honeyfund for sharing these all-too-important tips on keeping the honeymoon under budget! For more great planning advice, and to have your friends and family give dollars to your honeymoon fund in lieu of a traditional gift, visit Honeyfund’s site. Happy planning!

Oklahoma Capitol Engagement Session from Meg Rose Photography

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We fell in love with this Oklahoma Capitol engagement session the moment we saw it! Meg Rose Photography captured Heather and Tyler in a romantic, adventurous, lighthearted session that truly captures their joyful personalities! We love how this session includes images that feel more serious and romantic, up close against the stately backdrop, as well as a few more carefree-feeling photos with the Capitol deep in the background. Heather looked and felt her best thanks to Kadi Uhack Makeup, while Meg Rose brought along a fun coral settee for the couple to lounge on and they brought tokens of their relationship as props – a camera, a globe and champagne, of course! Cheers to this lovely couple and cheers to a session that captures the essence of Heather and Tyler completely!

Photos // Meg Rose Photography

From the bride on how they met: “You know how they say blind dates never work out… well in our case that isn’t true! Tyler and I have two different versions on what time I actually arrived at the restaurant; he claims I was extremely late, I say barely. What we can agree on from that evening was that we laughed a ton, told stories of our adventures, and ate an undisclosed amount of mac-and-cheese. There was a Thunder game on in the background of the restaurant, but we had no clue who the opposing team was or even the score because we were too caught up in one another’s company.”

Specialty Vendors to Help Before, During & After the Big Day

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Hiring wedding day vendors goes way beyond the venue, photographer, catering and the dress. To bring your event together completely and make your night one guests won’t soon forget, you’ll need a few specialty vendors to provide special touches not just throughout the day, but before and after, too! These Oklahoma vendors provide specialty services for brides and grooms to carry them from planning and pre-wedding festivities to the big day and beyond. Take a look below to learn more about these one-of-a-kind businesses and how they can elevate your wedding experience in the best of ways. Cheers!

oklahoma wedding specialty vendors

Apple Tree Chocolate

Sweeten your event from start to finish with Apple Tree Chocolate. Their award-winning treats will undoubtedly have your guests’ mouths watering – just look at that caramel apple concoction above! Beyond their signature chocolate- and caramel-covered apples, Apple Tree offers chocolate-covered strawberries, truffles, fudge, cake balls, chocolate bark and more! Create a full-fledged custom dessert bar with endless options for your guests and they’ll be talking about those desserts for weeks to come. Each of their treats is made by hand locally and is as beautiful as it is delicious!

Photo: Kailey Watson Photography

oklahoma wedding specialty vendors


BAKED Cookie Co. is an Edmond-based cookie company specializing in catering for events both small and large. Each batch of their hefty, scrumptious, 2.5-ounce cookies is made using high-quality ingredients and a passion that goes into every last bite. Owners Kari and Lisa have absolutely perfected the art of cookie baking to make sure each one is dense but soft, chewy and oh-so-delicious. Need a great idea to welcome out-of-town guests or a sweet gift to give your bridesmaids before the big day? BAKED offers beautiful custom gift boxes to share their cookies with anyone you choose!

oklahoma wedding specialty vendors


Bonobos Groomshop takes the shopping experience previously reserved for the bride and her bridesmaids and puts all of the attention on the groom and his groomsmen! Don’t go searching for that perfect suit on your own or settle for renting from the same place you rented a tux for prom. Gather your guys together, head to Bonobos’ OKC location and make an experience out of it! Remember, you won’t just have the wedding to look nice for – consider the brunches, showers and rehearsal dinner, too. You want to look your very best! Each Bonobos Groomshop appointment is a private one-on-one with a style-savvy specialist that can outfit the entire wedding party, even if not all your guys live locally. They’ve got 63 locations nationwide! Step into a Bonobos to experience just how awesome choosing menswear for your wedding events can be.

Photo: Ashley Bosnick Photography

Katie’s Custom Decor

If it blends art, hand lettering and beautiful displays, Katie’s Custom Decor has it covered. Katie specializes in completely custom and unique artwork, signs, backdrops, stationery and tapestries to make your wedding stand out in a truly personalized way! Each piece of Katie’s is hand-made to the clients’ exact specifications, including size, colors, fonts and materials. Want to surprise your bridesmaids in a fun and personalized way? Have Katie make them each a gift reflecting their college, sorority or something they love. The possibilities are endless! Anything you can dream of, Katie will work to make happen. Inspired by something you saw on Pinterest, Etsy, or Brides of Oklahoma? Katie is happy to work from any inspiration photo to create something totally unique for you. 

Photo: Andi Bravo Photography

oklahoma wedding specialty vendors

Sparkling Tulips

An experience to remember and something your guests will be posting about, no doubt: a living champagne wall. Say what?! That’s right: a live, 3D bar service experience with your choice of champagne or beer. Allow your guests to be served a chilled refreshment while experiencing a “bartender” like they’ve never known! Behind a beautiful floral wall, available in your choice of colors, are white-gloved servers handing out endless glasses of champagne without anything but their hands being seen through the wall. Sparkling champagne flutes and personalized coordination with your venue are included with every Sparkling Tulips package. Watch as guests light up, laugh and enjoy the moment – this unique bartending service is truly one-of-a-kind!

specialty vendors for oklahoma weddings

Margaret Collection

Custom-made and hand-sewn in the USA, Margaret Collection offers stand-out bridesmaids’ attire for your whole crew. Forgo the usual matching bridesmaid dresses and go for something that fits each of your girls uniquely, or if you prefer a more uniform look, have them wear a unique style no one will have seen anywhere else! Inspired by high fashion and couture styles but accessible and easygoing for the everyday gal, Margaret Collection has dresses, capes and jumpsuits you’ll swoon for in gorgeous colors and materials, as well as custom options to create a masterpiece all your own.

Photo: Katie Pinson Photography

oklahoma wedding specialty vendors

Michelle’s Destinations

You’ve made it through the hustle and bustle of wedding prep, the big day has come and gone and it’s time to relax with your honey somewhere special. Let Michelle help you get there! This Oklahoma based travel agency is the way to book your honeymoon travel stress-free. Let Michelle know the types of places you love, your must-haves in a honeymoon destination, budget restraints and special requests, and she’ll provide you with options and guidance to help you make an easy decision you won’t regret! There are many benefits to using a travel agency like Michelle’s Destinations, like troubleshooting assistance if needed, one-stop shopping for hotel, flight, car rentals and more; not to mention the wonderful ideas Michelle can give you that you may not have thought of on your own!

Indie Bride Bridal Show PLUS a Ticket Giveaway!

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Indie Bride Bridal Show & Market is Almost Here!

The Indie Bride Bridal Show & Market is just around the corner! On Sunday, September 15th from 12pm to 4pm at the OKC Farmers Public Market Building, you are invited to join local Oklahoma wedding pros to kick off your planning. With lots of must-have vendors for your wedding day, you are sure to find trendy and up-and-coming local wedding services that will make your day a dream come true. Whether you’re looking for that calligrapher that can make your dream invitation suite a reality or that florist who can bring your wedding bouquet to life, the Indie Bride Bridal Show is sure to help in the planning process. Find sweet treats and savory catering samples to please you and your future wedding guests! Plus you can pick up your very own copy of the Fall/Winter 2019 issue of Brides of Oklahoma. The time to plan the wedding you’ve always dreamed of is here.

Tickets to Indie Bride are $10 cash at the door or you can purchase your tickets online here.

AND… drumroll please… as a special surprise we’re giving away two pairs of tickets to two lucky brides-to-be on Instagram! Pop over to our IG (@bridesofok) to enter! Cheers!

Plus, don’t forget to check out other bridal events happening near you on our events page!

Say Hello to Fall with these 6 Gorgeous Floral Arrangements

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After such a hot and muggy Oklahoma summer, we’re welcoming fall with arms wide open! The sound of fallen leaves crunching, cozy sweaters and pumpkin spiced… well… everything are only the beginning to the joys of autumn. With such a beautifully warm color palette, we can hardly wait to swoon over the unique designs that emerge this season. Keep scrolling for the perfect fall wedding inspiration with these five gorgeous floral arrangements, courtesy of your talented local floral creatives!

gorgeous floral arrangements

Ever Something

We’re so in love with this stunning  centerpiece design from the team at Ever Something! The wide array of blooms and muted hues offer a bohemian vibe that we just can’t get enough of. Get to know this impressive Tulsa florist duo and their bright and organic floral designs!

Katie Hadley PhotographyParty Pro Rents

Trochta’s Flowers & Garden Center

Modern Oklahoma florist, Trochta’s Flowers & Garden Center, created this orange-hued bouquet with touches of eucalyptus. We love how this floral company can easily work to create every bride’s dream down to the small details for each wedding!

Kristen Edwards Photography | Lexi Faught Hair & Makeup | J.J. Kelly Bridal | Aisle be with You | Waters Edge Winery

Bayly Blooms

This beauty, filled with orange roses and deep red blooms is perfect for all things festive in your fall wedding. The talented Bayly Blooms is able to create the floral design of your dreams, no matter what your style or color palette!

Freckled Fox Photography

The Flower Shop Pryor

Let’s talk about altar floral! The Flower Shop Pryor is blowing us away with the deep red tones and touches of pampass grass. This delicate design fits perfectly on this simplistic A-frame altar.

Ashlin Matthews Photography | Spring Valley Ranch

Bloom House

This lovely creation by Bloom House is full of fall texture! We love seeing not only fall colors, but also textures that represent all the fall inspiration.

Caroline Eliza Photography | Penelope & Lu

Tony Foss Flowers

We love how adding hints of lighter blooms makes your overall fall floral pop! This stunning centerpiece creation was done by Tony Foss, and we are loving it. Tony knows how to keep things simple or go over the top, depending on your wedding style.

Brianna Record Photography | The Springs Event Venue – Edmond | Southern Charm Events