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10 Dramatic Bouquets to Inspire Your Wedding Day Blooms

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A little drama on your wedding day can be a good thing – especially if it’s floral drama! From cascading greenery to feather and ribbon accents, these 10 dramatic bouquets will bring the wow factor to your wedding day. We know you’ll be inspired by these bountiful blooms from the creative teams of our favorite local Oklahoma florists.

10 Dramatic Bouquets to Inspire Your Wedding Day Blooms

Bayly Blooms

Talk about romance! This beautiful bouquet is all about the right touch of drama with the perfect mix of pale greenery and deep, rich pinks and red tones.

Photo: Evan Hopman

The Flower Shop Pryor

This delightful garden-fresh bouquet would be the just the thing for a lovely outdoor wedding. From the fullness of the blooms to the delicate pieces that drape down, it’s full of delightful textures.

Photo: Kailey Watson Photography

Tony Foss - Florist - Holly Gannett

Tony Foss Flowers 

This stunning creation has us dreaming of a white winter wedding! It’s all at once dramatic, yet effortlessly uncomplicated.

Photo: Holly Gannett Photography 


Ever Something

If you love the cascading style, but don’t want something big, this stylish, sculpted bouquet is ideal. It’s even topped off with a lovely, flowing ribbon.

Photo: Monica Burgess Photography

Mrs. DeHaven’s Flower Shop 

This bride’s elegant bouquet is teeming with complementary textures and tonal shades of ruby red. We love the draping greenery alternative in the dreamy wine hue – what a statement piece!

Photo: Andrea Murphy Photography

The Medieval Garden Floral 

Talk about drama! This bouquet is literally overflowing with it. This striking arrangement is made for the fashion-forward bride with a flair for creating iconic style moments.

Photo: Mikayla Yeo

Bloom House

This graceful bouquet is just the thing to complement an enchanting garden wedding. With a dainty overflow of greenery and accent pieces, it would work well for a bride that loves flowers but doesn’t want too much draping down.

Photo: Lydia Royce

Robyn’s Flower Garden 

Eloping is no excuse for lackluster flowers. If your style is modern with a feminine edge, this show-stopping bouquet is for you! The structural, almost architectural approach has an inherent softness that we just adore!

Photo: Taylor Mae Photography

Poppy’s Garden

We’re smitten with this boho-inspired bouquet. The full blooms and dramatic proportions accented by two sets of eye-catching ribbons is beyond lovely.

Photo: Jessica Lynn Tucker Photography

XO Florals

XO Flowers & Events 

This unique collection of blooms is a feast for the eyes with the different textures and rich, burnt tones. It’s the ideal statement piece for a modern bride.

Photo: Map & Compass Photography

How to Look Your Best in Your Wedding Photos – Tips from Carolyn F. Beauty

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Your wedding photos are a big investment and not only that – they become treasured family heirlooms. Because we know you want to look and feel your best, we’ve gathered expert tips from Carolyn Flewelling of Carolyn F. Beauty on how to look your best in your wedding photos. Pulling from her 13 years of experience, she shares insights that will help you achieve that bridal glow you’re looking for!

Photos // Karl Rouwhorst of Luminaire Foto

How to Look Your Best in Your Wedding Photos - Tips from Carolyn F. Beauty

What can a bride do to enhance her natural beauty in her photos?

Everyone has a favorite feature, so it can be really important to focus on this area. From a general perspective, I think the eyes are super important. I always recommend false eyelashes. This is a small thing that can make a huge impact on how you photograph. They help your eyes look open and awake, creating a soft definition. This is a good trick especially if the bride’s vision is to have a barely-there lid without eyeliner. They will achieve the definition they need to really see their eyes in photos, without compromising their overall vision.

How can brides ensure their makeup will translate well in photos?

In some cases, I will ask the photographer for a test shot if they are readily available. Most of the time I rely on products that are tried and true, but I always make sure I test color selection outside. Natural sunlight tells all!

Carolyn F. Beauty - Luminaire Foto

What can brides do prior to their wedding day that will have the most impact on her bridal beauty and photos?

Take care of your skin, take care of your skin, take care of your skin! This is hands down the MOST important step. This is where beautiful, natural makeup begins. Sure, almost anything can be fixed in Photoshop, like a day-of blemish that you can’t stop fixating on, but there is less correction that needs to happen when applying makeup and shooting the look if there isn’t anything to correct. Our beauty studio can create custom spa packages for brides that allow them to get consistent services, whether that be facials and/or waxing treatments, that help them achieve their skincare goals; however, I understand that not all brides have this in their budget. I feel that it’s important to work through all this with my clients either at their trial, or in a separate consultation to get the best plan in place that suits them specifically.

Most of us have heard the phrase “bridal glow” – but how can brides look as radiant as they feel?

Personally, I agree, the “bridal glow” comes from radiating happiness. It’s love, ladies… a good moisturizer doesn’t hurt though! I’m sure I’ve repeated myself ad nauseum already, but self-care is the golden ticket. Our skin is our largest organ and it certainly keeps track of all our dirty secrets. Put good in, get good out! Make sure you are drinking your water and you have a good skincare regimen. A skincare routine keeps our skin balanced, happy and healthy. On the flip side, if we aren’t washing our faces or we’re dehydrated, we can see it and we can feel it.

Food can also play a role in helping our skin glow. There are so many wonderful foods that support our skin health and give us tons of antioxidants that help our skin stay strong and radiant. Do a little research or go visit a dietician to help formulate a plan that works with your body!

Carolyn F. Beauty - Luminaire Foto

One common concern is how to make the lovely makeup artist’s work last throughout the entire event. What can a bride do to help this?

Follow your makeup artist’s direction. If they have told you something specific about your look or a product and how to keep it looking fresh all night, make sure to pay attention to that. I use products on my brides that are tried and true, but I always send them with a little touch-up kit that has everything they need should they have a mishap later in the evening!

Oh, and if someone spritzes you with setting spray, try not to make any facial expressions until it dries. If you are prone to creasing, this can help a bit. If you talk and laugh and move your face around a bunch when the setting spray is still damp you may end up setting your creases instead of setting a smooth canvas. It doesn’t always happen but better safe than sorry!

If you could give only one piece of advice to your brides about how to help their natural beauty shine through in their wedding photos, what would it be?

Be confident! You are beautiful and this is the happiest day of your life! Know that everything else is just a drop in the bucket and all the day-of details are going to be taken care of and everything will turn out just as you dreamed, no matter what.

You have a philosophy of playing up a bride’s natural beauty and approaching this from a holistic stand point. Why do you think that’s important?

This is always funny to me because I actually did not enjoy doing natural makeup for the longest time. I wanted to do all the things that were new and popular, and I wanted to test my limits as an artist. I feel like everyone has this growing period.

When I started doing bridal makeup, everything about my aesthetic changed. It happened so organically. The looks all my brides leaned toward were so clean and simple. It got me out of the comfort zone I had been in for years, and I just fell in love with the purity of focusing on who my bride was and what made her feel beautiful. That’s what made me truly understand that this idea of beauty we all have is so unique to us. We all find it in a different way.

Through this process I came to appreciate how the principle of taking care of ourselves can make a huge impact on who we are. We take a few minutes here to put on a face mask while we read, or we take a few minutes there to dry brush before we get into the shower. We might have a green smoothie for breakfast because it makes our tummy happy, and we might go to a workout class because it makes us feel strong. A happy heart, a full cup and healthy, radiant skin is a reward of putting time back into ourselves. Small steps become rituals. By taking the time to do little things that help us de-stress, unwind and really care for our bodies, we glow.

A special thanks to Carolyn of Carolyn F. Beauty for sharing her expertise. To learn more about Carolyn F. Beauty’s bridal makeup or other services, visit her vendor profile here!

Moody-Chic Black Barn Styled Shoot from Kailey Watson Photography

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For a stylish take on an autumn wedding, we’re loving this moody-chic black barn styled shoot from Kailey Watson Photography! A simple, yet dramatic color scheme proves once and for all that less truly is more. Located in Tulsa, the Black Barn at Spain Ranch served as the perfect venue for this shoot because of its contemporary interpretation of a rather traditional Oklahoma barn setting. Thanks to Party Pro Rents, the space was designed to emphasize the vision of modern elegance behind this shoot. Delicate macarons, courtesy of Laurannae Baking Co., acted as place card holders, with perfectly scripted calligraphy by Laurel & Marie. A gorgeous array of beautiful blooms, featuring black and white anemones, deep maroon dahlias and lots of greenery, were arranged artistically throughout the scene. A stunning trumpet-style gown with a low back from Chantilly Couture stole the show, while Hannah Miller Hair & Makeup Artistry provided fabulous glam! Keep scrolling for the breathtaking images from this shoot, and head to our Styled Shoots page for even more wedding inspiration from local Oklahoma wedding pros! Cheers!

Photos // Kailey Watson Photography

A Romantic Autumn Proposal at the Baumberhof

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Nestled on a bed of freshly fallen leaves, Collin proposed to Jillian in the most romantic autumn scene at the gorgeously picturesque Baumberhof in Edmond. We could not be more in love with Kayley Haulmark‘s unique ability to capture the most authentically beautiful side of this sweet couple! Snuggle up with a big mug of chai tea, and keep scrolling to read more about their love story.

Photos // Kayley Haulmark Photography

After moving back to their small hometown post-graduation to start work, Jillian and Collin became the hot-topic of conversation among everyone. From close friends, to their bosses, and even to Jillian’s dental patients, the two were destined to be together. The only people unconvinced were Jillian and Collin!

The pair was set up on a date as soon as they returned home from school, but ultimately agreed to remain friends. However, as the summer went on, and the pressure for their romantic relationship to become a reality lessened, a new-found interest was sparked, and the relationship took off! It didn’t take long for the couple to realize that they had each found something special.

“The timing was perfect, and we both knew within weeks of dating that we were done searching,” said Jillian.

Just as word spread quickly about two young, single post-grads, keeping an proposal a secret proved challenging for Collin. He had worked so hard to make sure that the big day was nothing short of perfection, but by the time it was all said and done, some eight people had spilled the beans to Jillian. The two decided that they wouldn’t let this stop them from making the day as unforgettable as they had always dreamed.

They grabbed brunch together on the day of the engagement, and even went to see a movie to calm their nerves! Later on, Jillian and Collin arrived at the venue that they had already decided would set the scene for their wedding day, and were led to a forested area, sprinkled with candles and flowers. Collin was only able to utter those four little words before Jillian could say yes! They were quickly greeted by their closest friends and family who had driven and flown from all across the country to celebrate this new chapter in their lives.

Congratulations to this cute couple!

From Brides, For Brides: Your Best Wedding Day Advice

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We asked, you answered! Last week, we asked our readers on Instagram to share one piece of wedding day advice they wish someone had told them. We received so many wonderful responses, it was hard to choose only a handful to share! We’re thrilled to pass along some of our favorite gems of wedding day advice from real Oklahoma brides. Remember, Brides of Oklahoma can be one of your best planning resources to help make sure your day is stress-free. We can recommend some of the best, most experienced Oklahoma wedding vendors to make your dreams for your special day come true. Scroll down to read some of the excellent advice these brides shared from their own experiences. Happy planning!

wedding day advice from brides

Photo: Sarah Libby Photography

On hiring professional wedding vendors:

“Do NOT underestimate the necessity of an experienced wedding planner. I did everything myself and missed things that a professional wouldn’t have because I was too busy being a bride!” – Kayla R.

“Let someone else (a day-of planner) make your timeline. Just show up and be present!” – Paige K.

“Hire a day-of planner. Mine SAVED the day!” – Jes M.

On doing your own thing:

“Listen to others’ opinions. Go in with your compromises, but it’s okay to say no!” – Sky L.

“Make sure to soak in the moment. If you don’t greet all your guests, it will be okay.” – Ally R.

“This is YOUR wedding day, not everyone else’s! You can’t please everyone.” – Andrea S.

Other tips and tidbits:

“Hydrate (with water) and proteins (not sugars) the morning of!” – Sydney L.

“Practice your first kiss! We knew we were going to be nervous, so it was nice to have it already practiced!” – Taylor L.

“I wish we had a better getting ready schedule. It caused us to be late to family pics!” – Katelyn M.

“Designate someone to keep track of valuables (rings, vows, etc.). I lost my vows right before the first look and wish I had picked someone to always know where the important items were. It would’ve saved me about 45 minutes. I found them right where they should’ve been!” – Catherine H.

On not sweating the small stuff:

“Let the little things go. You won’t even remember the things you were so worried about.” – Kierstin N.

“Don’t sweat the little things. It won’t matter when you marry the man of your dreams!” – Elyse A.

Want even more valuable advice and gorgeous wedding inspiration from local Oklahoma brides? Order a copy of our latest mag!