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To See or Not To See…

by Brides of Oklahoma

That’s the big question when it comes to seeing one another for the first time on the wedding day.  While it may be easier said than done, we think ignoring old superstitions and opting for private, one on one time together before the ceremony can be the most romantic and loving moments a couple can experience. Not too mention that this intimate and emotion-filled time can be all captured by your photographer!  Below are photos from a couple who tossed tradition aside to share this special time together before they said “I do.” You can literally see their love in its purest form – a form that isn’t always as raw or real when it’s shared with hundreds of wedding guests.  And, an added bonus to seeing one another prior to the ceremony is that you can have as much time together as you would like.

We’ve talked to so many brides who’ve done it both ways and one couple who even met in between by getting as close as possible without laying sight on one another.  For this compromise to work, the couple kept the door to the bride’s suite between them and reached for each other’s hands.  You can share the same sweet words but it certainly can’t take the place of seeing one another simultaneously.  All thoughts to consider as you make this important decision and you’ll most definitely want your photographer clued in.  There’s really no right or wrong in this day in age, so give some serious thought to whether you’re meant to see or not to see!