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Press Checked and Almost Ready

by Brides of Oklahoma

We were at the printer all day yesterday!  Here’s a behind the scenes look inside the press check for The Brides of Oklahoma!  If you’ve ever wondered how it’s made, here goes….  Over 32 tons of paper — literally HUGE rolls (almost as tall as we are).

The Brides of Oklahoma at Motherall Printing for Press Check of Spring/Summer 2009 issue of The Brides of Oklahoma magazine.

Loaded on a web press (that’s a gigantic printer) and printed 1,000 feet a minute.  Then, heated to 250 degrees before cooled to room temperature through drums of water, folded and finished faster than you can read this blog post.

Web Press at Motherall Printing - printing of The Brides of Oklahoma Spring/Summer 2009 issue

The Brides of Oklahoma Press Check at Motherall Printing - Spring/Summer 2009 issue

This $10M machine is about three stories tall — a little different than your standard desktop ink jet — and the whole process is truly amazing!  Motheral Printing’s facility is pristine, by the way — not a spec of dirt to be found anywhere.

Motherall Printing facility

We just wanted to give you a peek inside the process!  Now you know the real deal behind the making of a beautiful magazine!  The Brides of Oklahoma will be available January 1, 2009 — we can’t wait to get it into you hands!