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Looks of Love — Five more favorites!

by Brides of Oklahoma

We are so excited to announce the winner of our Looks of Love contest this Thursday! Thank you again to all of those who shared their gorgeous pictures and love stories. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our top 25 picks! We had dozens of entries and it wasn’t easy to narrow it down to this fabulous group! Below are five more of our favorite entries. Check back on Thursday when we announce the winner!

Oklahoma wedding photographer - Stella Photography

Deren and Kaylyn met in a psychology class at
Oklahoma State University. The two became close friends and briefly
dated. After some time passed the two met over Christmas break for
lunch and realized that all of the feelings were still there!  Click here for the full story.  Check out these lovely images captured by Stella Photography.

Brides of Oklahoma Looks of Love Contest

Growing up Caitlin loved the
television show “Rescue 911.” She just never dreamed someday a real
fireman would sweep her off her feet! Click here for the full story. These
photographs by Kelly Beane Photography capture their story beautifully.


Oklahoma wedding photographer - Joel Jordan Photography

Jessica met Jake in geometry class
during her freshman year of high school and after only three months of
dating and at age 15, they both knew they would be married someday.
Click here for the full story. Enjoy these amazing photographs by Joel Jordan Photography!


After a less than perfect first date,
Michael and Leah decided to see one another again. It wasn’t until they
went on ski trip to Colorado when Leah really fell for him. Click here for the full story. These oh-so-cute pics are by Melissa Claborn Photo.


Oklahoma wedding photographer - Tara Lokey Photography

Tim surprised Monica by recreating
their first date on their two-year anniversary. He took her to the
Cruise Room, a 1930s-style bar in the bottom of the glamorous Oxford
Hotel in Colorado. Before leaving, Tim told Monica he wanted to show
her a view from the top floor. When they arrived upstairs, there was a
room filled with champagne, rose petals and in the corner…a surprise. Click here for the full story. Enjoy these photographs by Tara Lokey Photography!